Nutrition Writing

As a skilled and experienced nutrition writer and two-time author, Rhyan is available to write articles, review them, and develop recipes.

Please email her at to discuss writing projects.  


Recipe Development

Homemade Nut Milk | Plant Based Whole30 March 2024

Recipe Development

Two-Ingredient Red Lentil Tortillas | Plant Based Whole30 March 2024

33 Surprising Plant-Based Iron Sources

Plant Based Whole30 January 2024

basil leaves and avocado on sliced bread on white ceramic plate
woman with cart grocery shopping in supermarket

Your Plant-Based Whole30 Guide To Shopping

Plant Based Whole30 January 2024


Learn the positive effects of a high-fiber diet

Plant Based Whole30 August 15, 2023

tomatoes carrots and radish on the top of the table


pink doughnut on white textile

Let’s Talk Natural and Artificial Flavors
Simple Mills September 2, 2022

Plant-Based Nutrients to Keep Your Skin Healthy
Global Vegan Magazine Summer 2022 Edition *print

woman girl morning reflection
bowl of spinach

Why You Should Eat Greens Everyday
Global Vegan Magazine Spring 2022 Edition *print


Get A Healthful Boost With These 3 Easy Wellness Shot Recipes
(Includes recipe creation) iHerb May 14, 2021

four bottles of smoothie