Meet The Team

Hi, I’m Rhyan! A vegan dietitian, nutrition writer, and two-time author! I’m the VEO (like CEO, but vegan) of Phoenix Vegan Dietitian, where I turn plant-based newbies into thriving vegans. With years of experience, a sprinkle of positive vibes, and a passion for creating a better world one delicious bite at a time, I’m your go-to gal for all things vegan nutrition.

I’m a media-savvy veggie queen and have been on the pages of Women’s Health, Well+Good, and Shape. Providing nutrition education for consumers all over the United States and beyond.

How We Got Here (Rhyan’s Version)

Once upon a time, I was a hamburger and french fries connoisseur, eating them daily! But, I felt constantly sluggish, and extra pounds kept piling on, oopsie! Then, my life took an exciting turn after watching Cowspiracy and realizing I had gained the freshman 15…plus some. I decided to transform, not just for me but also for the planet.

As a newbie to the vegan lifestyle, I felt overwhelmed by the unfamiliar foods and recipes. So naturally, my diet consisted mainly of potatoes and veggies – with some occasional meals at local plant-based restaurants thrown in there for good measure.

Little did I know that this approach was not reaching its full potential. After completing three years of my nutrition degree, it became clear how bad my eating habits had been (did someone say ‘woefully’?).

I went from devouring nutrient-lacking meals to embracing the vibrant world of plant-based vegan nutrition. I discovered that veganism can be a breeze if you know what you’re doing.

My approach to teaching vegan nutrition is to make it easy, simple, and fun. As a vegan dietitian, I took my struggles with eating vegan and my years of experience working with others to create a nutrition program designed to help others go vegan without much hassle.

Don’t let anything stand between you and your dreams: if I can overcome my lifelong love of burgers and fries, you can surely do whatever is holding you back!

Ready to go vegan? Check out her signature program Vegan in For Health, and follow Rhyan’s tasty journey on Instagram @phxvegandietitian.


Georgia SouthernUniversity Dietetic Internship

Arizona State University
Bachelor of Science, Nutrition, and Dietetics

Certificates of Training

Vegetarian Nutrition
The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics 2018

Rhyan Geiger, RDN