Going vegan can be confusing and tough at first, but you can do it! I went vegan in 2015 and have learned from my numerous mistakes. Honestly, that’s how we all learn! To help the newbies and show some support, I gathered 29 tips for new vegans from vegan pros to make your life a little easier.

Remember to give yourself some grace; this is a huge step! Anything new takes time to adjust.

Mindset Tips for New Vegans

Our minds are powerful tools. Your mindset can determine how easy it is to be vegan. If you find yourself thinking negatively, try to reframe using any or all of these tips.

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1. Be kind to yourself. You’ve made a conscious choice to change your lifestyle. If you make a choice you’re not 100% happy about, it’s okay. The next time you eat, you have another chance to make a new choice.

2. Don’t get too offended by what others say about the foods you eat. Do what is best for you, and don’t let others’ thoughts negatively impact your eating habits.

3. Take your time and have fun! Try new things and experiment with cooking in the kitchen. It’s a fun adventure!

4. It’s okay not to go vegan overnight; it’s okay to take it day by day.

5. Do not be hard on yourself. Everyone slips up, but the fact that you are making changes, small or large, will have a positive impact on yourself, animals, and the planet.

6. Take it one day at a time.

7. Have reminders of why you chose the veg life and stayed engaged.

8. Feel good about every big and small you make to reduce your consumption of animal products.

9. You are still vegan even if you accidentally eat something with animal products in it.

10. Remember the date you went vegan so you can celebrate every year.

Cooking Tips For New Vegans

One of the best parts of being vegan is the excitement and newness it will bring into the kitchen. You’ll try recipes you’ve never heard of before and try new flavors and cooking methods. Your skills will expand because of vegan cooking.

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Sometimes, it requires creativity, but with a few tweaks, anything is possible.

11. Have fun trying new vegetables and finding new cooking methods. Try as many new foods as you can find!

12. Replace what’s currently in your fridge and cabinets with vegan alternatives as soon as possible.

13. Make food in batches so that you have readily available food and do not fall into eating animal-based products.

14. Find a few easy recipes you like and use them often. Not everything you cook has to be complicated.

15. Learn how to cook tofu. It’s a staple.

16. Don’t be afraid to try new recipes, spices, or ingredients.

17. Buy a high-speed blender if you can!

18. It will get easier as time goes on, I promise!

19. Enjoy the journey. You won’t regret it.

20. Remember, you can veganize almost everything. If you miss something, look for a recipe, and I’m sure you’ll find one!

21. Check ingredients on everything; milk is hiding everywhere.

Vegan PRO Tips

22. Always carry a vegan-friendly snack with you, always

23. If nutrition is a concern, there are vegan dietitians- like me!

24. You may have to try many items and brands before you find what you like.

25. Use other vegans for support. Find your favorite on social media or in person. Nothing is worse than someone yelling at you for “doing it wrong”- because you’re not ;).

26. Don’t focus on the foods you are no longer eating. Instead, focus on all the amazing new foods you will discover.

27. Planning will save you from being overly hungry or reverting to your old habits.

28. Take the vegan option as its own product. Otherwise, you set yourself up for disappointment from the start.

29. Don’t try to convert everyone to become vegan. Just set a good example.

You got this! With these 29 tips for new vegans, you’re on your way to living a more confident vegan life.

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