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You may have seen these new prebiotic sodas in the grocery store, on social media, or on TV. They are a hot new way to enjoy a fizzy sparkling drink and are marketed as an alternative to soft drinks. As a dietitian, I can get behind. Most regular soft drinks have 30-60 grams of sugar per serving, whereas Olipop has around 5g.

Besides having significantly lower amounts of sugar, these beverages also contain prebiotics, which can benefit gut health. You may wonder what Olipop is and if it’s a good and healthy option. I’ll explain what you need to know about these new drinks in this article. 

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What is Olipop?

Olipop is a prebiotic drink that has taken the beverage aisle by storm. They are recreating soft drinks to make them healthier with lower sugar amounts, and they have added gut health benefits.

Unlike regular soft drinks, Olipop has many good quality ingredients with health benefits. These are the ingredients in the Vintage Cola;

Carbonated Water, OLISMART (Cassava Root Fiber, Chicory Root Inulin, Jerusalem Artichoke Inulin, Nopal Cactus*, Marshmallow Root*, Calendula Flower*, Kudzu Root*), Cassava Root Syrup, Apple Juice Concentrate, Lime Juice, Natural Cola Flavor, Alpinia Galanga Root*, Stevia Leaf*, Himalayan Pink Salt, Green Tea Caffeine*, Natural Vanilla Flavor, Natural Caramel Flavor, Cinnamon*


Olipop Vintage Cola for Olipop discount blog post

The base of all Olipop beverages is carbonated water and their OLISMART blend, essentially their proprietary blend of prebiotic fibers. The only gripe with the proprietary blend is that it doesn’t say exactly how much of each ingredient it contains. Knowing the amounts of prebiotics in each can be beneficial in understanding how it supports gut health. 

The prebiotic ingredients are already well known for their gut health benefits, but it would still be nice to know the total amount of these drinks.

What are The Olipop Flavors 

Olipop certainly isn’t lacking in the flavor department. Currently, 16 flavors are available on the Olipop website. 

  • Classic Root Beer: a modern take on cream soda
  • Vintage Cola: an old fashioned taste with new ingredients
  • Cream Soda: like a dessert 
  • Grape: sweet, tart, and better than Crush
  • Crisp Apple: refreshing and perfect for fall. 
  • Ginger Ale: elevated blend of citrus and spice 
  • Strawberry Vanilla: sweet and refreshing
  • Cherry Cola: a classic remake of cherry coke
  • Orange Squeeze: a nostalgic citrus soda
  • Lemon Lime: kind of sprite
  • Ginger Lemon: a kick of ginger and a splash of lemon 
  • Doctor Goodwin: a grown up version of Dr Pepper
  • Watermelon Lime: summer vibes all year long 
  • Banana Cream: this one is bananas
  • Cherry Vanilla: a drinkable pie-like dessert
  • Tropical Punch: vacation in a can 
Olipop banner with facts 2-5g sugar and 9g fiber for Olipop discount code post.

 Health Benefits of Olipop

All prebiotic drinks are marketed as “healthy” and “good for your gut,” but are they really, or is that just really good marketing? Let’s first break down their flagship OLISMART prebiotic blend to see if there are health benefits. 

  1. Cassava Root Fiber is a type of resistant starch, or indigestible starch that passes through the GI tract unchanged. Studies have shown that resistant starches help create an ideal environment for gut bacteria. 
  2. ✅Chicory Root Inulin and Jerusalem Artichoke Inulin: these inulins have similar features. A 2019 study found that 10g of inulin per day for five weeks helped increase stool frequency. The amount is unclear on the can of Olipop. It’s hard to know if that amount is reached. Inulins are fermentable for people with sensitive stomachs and can irritate the gut.
  1. Nopal Cactus Extract: a high fiber crop used to increase the amount of fiber and diversity of fiber products. 
  2. Marshmallow Root Extract: Some small animal studies saw improvements in digestive tract health, but more research is needed on humans. 
  3. Calendula Flower Extract: small animal studies have found this therapeutic for ulcerative colitis, but human studies are minimal. 
  4. Kudzu Root Extract: was found to have prebiotic effects that increase the number of good gut bacteria. 

Most of the ingredients used in their proprietary blend have known gut health benefits, but it is hard to say exactly how or why without knowing the amounts within these beverages. However, it is well known that prebiotics feed the good gut bacteria probiotics, which Olipop is full of.

Olipop Discount Code

Now that you know more about these fizzy beverages and might be curious to try one, I have an exclusive Olipop discount code for readers interested in trying prebitoic drinks. These can be a fantastic option for people looking to cut back on soft drinks while still enjoying a fizzy beverage. 

Please note that this is an affiliate link, and I make a small portion of all sales, but the process is no different for you! It’s a win-win!

Overall Thoughts

If you’ve been on the fence about trying a prebiotic soft drink, now could be the time. They are much lower in sugar than soft drinks and provide functional health benefits for our gut health.

These drinks can help support good gut health while offering a fun, healthy way of drinking “soda-like” drinks. Using my Olipop discount code also makes it an even lower risk for you if this is your first time giving it a try.

PS: My favorite flavors are crisp apple in the fall and strawberry vanilla for the rest of the year!

Let me know what flavor you’re most excited to try in the comments!

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